Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Gift of Life

Today is a Blessed Happy Day for me. I am  celebrating the Gift of my son who was born on this day 38 years ago.  

I would like to share a little bit of his story.

As a twenty one year old kid who just got out of jail and had spent the previous year in India...I was not at all ready to have a baby. Yet as a spiritual seeker and sensitive soul I did not have the heart to have an abortion. What to do?  On my beloved's advice I sought out the counsel of other women. Each one had a different suggestion. One said: carry to baby to term and then give up for adoption. Yikes!I could never do that. (Like it was a pineapple...just carry it for nine months and then give it away.)

Another said "just have an abortion. It's really not that big a deal as long as it's in the first tri-mester it is safe and it is legal these days". When I recoiled she said: We feminists worked really hard to abortion legalised so that women could have a safe way to terminate "unwanted" pregnancies.

"Unwanted pregnancy." I wasn't sure that it really was "unwanted". I just didn't want it now. I had only been with A. for three months. We were just kind of getting to know each other. It was much too soon. I had just been through a very traumatic period in my life and it turned out so had A. We both felt that this was jut not the right  time. I was torn and tormented not knowing what to do with my "unwanted" pregnancy.

Luckily for me...a vision came in the form of a dream. Or maybe it was a dream in the form of a vision. Either way I was given a very profound message by a group of angels who appeared to me in the form of several well known saints. I found myself  in the middle of a circle of these beaming, smiling, beneficent beings and was wonder struck to find myself there. Not one of the Holy one's spoke. They all communicated with me telepathically and I some how knew and understood everything they were saying without words.

At the centre of this circle of saintly souls I was suddenly told to look in my hand. I felt something and then opened my left hand and there was a ruby red glistening jewel in the palm of my hand. What did it mean? I wondered to myself.
The answer came swiftly enough from the circle of saints and as they beamed their loving kindness upon me I began to weep like a child. Yes, I understood. I looked at the jewel again and saw that it was in fact a large drop of blood. Then I woke up. The message those beings gave me was nothing less than this: "How can you reject a gift from God".

I knew that I was indeed blessed. I told my partner about my dream and when I revealed all the angels he said well what are we gonna do? And I said: "I'm cancelling the abortion".

And so Auriel came into my life. With angels trumpeting his arrival. Seriously! This dream was so profound I had no choice but to follow my "higher intuition".

Needless to say everything worked out. His dad and I got married. I converted to Judaism, Auriel was born and my life has been ever  blessed.
Ann Bekooy

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