Friday, February 28, 2014

Osho News Review

To all those who read Chinmaya Dunster's mostly positive review of my book on Osho News website I would like to point out one thing. My meeting with Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh as he was then called) was over forty years ago. Likewise the whole trip and the varous meetings took place such a long time ago that it is difficult to have a very accurate memory. HOWEVER, I did have some journal notes from that time and certain experiences were so profound that they are etched in my memory forever. My encounter with Bhagwan was precisely one of those etched in my memory. I can recall practically word for word what was said to me by the master and so I resent people assuming I put words in his mouth that they have never experienced him saying. Why would I put words in his mouth? Why would I change what was said to me? It was a very ego shattering experience and I am certain that my recollection of that encounter is entirely accurate.  

Did anyone know "Osho" back in 1972? I sure would like to meet some old devotees like Sardarji Sing or Ma Laxmi, or Tony and Rene who were on the scene at the time as they could certainly verify some of this information. I know for a fact that his residence was in Hanging Gardens in Bombay. I also know for a fact that BEFORE  Pune he had a camp at Mount Abu.

Sorry if my experience with him left me confused and disappointed. He was the first of many teachers I met and I was not ready for Tantric yoga at that time. I did have another encounter with the guru that I did not mention in my story. Perhaps people want to know about that?

I would be happy to share that experience on the Osho News Website if any one is interested.

Thanks to Chinmaya Dunster for his review of my book and I hope you too will enjoy the read.

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