Monday, March 10, 2014

Questions About the Book

For those who have already read my book Memoirs of a Hippie Girl I would like to address some questions that were frequently asked.

1.) Whatever happened to Sitar Sam?  I honestly don't know. The last contact I had with him was in 1982 and he was living in Indonesia. He also had a house in Australia. He had visited me briefly in Montreal just prior to that and he was very sweet and a little apologetic as I think he felt a bit responsible for my landing up in jail (and the fact that he didn't write to me for three months)

For all I know he may not even be in this world any more. So many of the characters of that time are sadly gone now. In fact, it was one of  the more difficult aspects of writing this memoir was to find out how many of the principals are dead now.

2.) Why did you wait forty years to write your story?  Frankly, it was not something I was really proud of. I mean telling people you spent time in prison is, well kind of embarrassing. I was a single mom raising two kids on my own and I didn't want to bring them any "shame" or embarrassing questions from friends.

These days they are full grown adults and can handle the truth.  AND these days everyone seems to be telling their story and there is no more shame.  I originally wrote this story for my own purposes back in 1986 as a kind of healing process. I have always enjoyed writing and find that it is cathartic. When I revisited the story back in 2009 and a friend read the story she insisted: "you HAVE to publish this story Ann" and so the process began.

3.) How did you remember so accurately the conversations and events that transpired over forty years ago?

Obviously, I did not remember conversations verbatim. Most of the dialogue I "made up" but remembered the gist of conversations we had and the types of exchanges that took place. In terms of events, well I had a few notes from the period and to be honest, when you experience stuff like being imprisoned in a foreign country it is just something you don't forget. I didn't remember the exact dates but had my passport  from that time so I was able to reconstruct the dates. I did remember I got out of prison on Independence Day.

4.) What possessed you to do some of the things you did? Especially the "high risk" stuff? Well, I was really stuck between a rock and a hard place. I mean I was totally preoccupied with survival. And remember too that my parents had basically disowned me when I left for I really had no family support or even a home to go to. Although some folks question my really never was about money it was about surviving.

This two year period of my life was a huge life-lesson. I learned more in my two years of travel and jail time than most kids learned in the same period in college. I carried those lessons with me through my whole adult life and the courage I found within gave me strength to endure even more hardships later in life.

Thank you for your interest. My next book will be called Memoirs of a Hippie Girl Part Two and covers the years 1974 to 1981 (the commune years and the Sufi years)

Ann BeCoy

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