Monday, April 14, 2014

Indigo Books Launching Memoirs of a Hippie Girl

It was quite a fiasco when the security guards tried to stop us from documenting the event.

I had been invited to launch my newly published book at Indigo Books Thursday April 10th.  As this was my first book launch I thought it might be fun to have some photos taken and I found a friend to do this for a very reasonable fee. She brought along a video camera too as she knew live action is the way to go. Plus I brought my guitar and would be singing.

It was not a great turn out but it was still an event. I managed to get the books just in time the night before. She printer based in the U.S. had lost track of my original shipment and another had shipment had to be expedited.

Then they got the cover all wrong...missing some of the important graphics on the cover design.

Oh well, gotta go with the flow.

My friend Kimberly showed up with her camera and equipment and we had been working for about a half hour when along comes a beefy security guy who decided to look in on us.

I suppose he was just bored with his job and needed something to do. Wearing a uniform and the big arm band that states: Security with a capital S...he had to act like a tough guy I suppose.

So he started harrassing us about taking photos and video images. He told us that because this was private property that it was  technically illegal to take photos or film without a clearance from the property  manager.

We pointed out correctly that since we were in the book store proper, and since Indigo Books was in fact a public place that we were not taking pictures in a private institution but in fact in a public place. The security cop with the capital S wouldn't hear any of our arguments.

He said it was a question of "patient confidentiality". His and the Hospital's concern was: if any patients strolling in the background might not want people to know that they were in the hospital.

Kimberly my friend and camera woman pointed out politely' Yes, we totally understand sir. But I can assure you that we are only shooting our guest here, who is here by the authority of Indigo Books, your tenant it would appear. And yes, only shooting her and her book stand. We can promise you we have no interest in taking any images of patients.

Mr. Security guard with the Capital S...still wasn't buying it. Said he'd have to confiscate the existing video footage. Kimberly said. "it's already been destroyed"

I had enough of this guy's harassment. I told him "Buddy, you know you take your job too seriously. We are telling you that we have no intention of compromising anybody's confidentiality issues and are only shooting me in the book store with some customers. Now do me a favour and go get your superior. I want to talk to the building manager.

After another twenty minutes time during which Indigo books acting manager came out and several employees to see what was up the Security guard was still arguing with Kimberly and wanting to take away her existing footage.

She protested: "hey this lady paid me to come and do this. It is only for her own career we are documenting this. What exactly is your problem buddy.

Security Guard: Well, where's it gonna be shown? Just then the manager arrived. A smart well dressed woman thirty something, and we explained the situation. Pretty soon she gave us clearance and all was well.

As for the bully Security Guard with the capital S on his arm....get a life buddy!

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