Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Surprise Pity Party

So when I put out a request for a little moral support to friends I was frankly overwhelmed by the response.  

I didn't realize that I had started a Pity Party and I felt a little ashamed even. I mean I am not one to complain. Generally, the opposite is true; I tend to isolate myself and suffer alone. 

However, recently I had a surgery that left me temporarily incapacitated and it kind of surprised me that I would feel so utterly helpless. I did in fact "reach out" to friends through e-mail and on this blog site and the response has been nothing short of amazing.

I had friends who offered condolences, comfort, empathy, encouragement and prayers.  I had friends who offered to come over and visit. Friends offering help with chores and others offering ice cream. I politely said "no, I don't want to trouble you"  then realized afterwards what am I? an idiot?  

I've often complained that people never come to visit me. It's true but of course, I understand that we don't all live in the same neighbourhood. 

Still, I've felt lonely at times and wished for visitors to come once in a while. Like back in the "old" days when people didn't text or snap chat but actually went to someone's house for a personal visit.  Now here are all these lovely people who do live close enough are offering to visit me and help and bring ice cream and I say; no? 

What has touched me most about this experience is that it made me realize how lucky I am. I have so many wonderful, compassionate, thoughtful and considerate friends. So many could commiserate with me being "surgery survivors" themselves. Did I just coin a phrase or does that already exist?

Admittedly this was my first ever surgery and I had no idea what I was in for. Little did I realize that when they cut your body in three different places and there are three large wounds left to heal, that that is in fact very INVASIVE and a bit of a shock to the body. 

But after all, this was an elective surgery, I wanted this procedure. And believe me I am glad I got it done and that I was able to get it covered (that is a whole other story that took five years to figure out). 

Praise to Canada's Health Care System. We are indeed lucky to live here. I believe a similar procedure in the U.S. would have cost close to $10,000

So to all of you who reached back when I reached out Thank You So Much for caring and for sharing your caring with me. 

I am so happy that you are my friend.    



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