Sunday, July 14, 2019

Planet Dying?

The world is sinking, the whole world stinking and we have created the hole and we can't stop it now.

We may already be past the point of no return. I hope  not. And I hope young people like Gretta Thunberg can induce us to change, immediately. Still there are too many refugees, too many dead men, too many soldiers killed, people tortured, women raped, and children slaughtered and animals tortured and the whole planet polluted with the excess of human filth. This the byproduct of too many two legged animals over-running the planet to the detriment of all other species.  Humans relentlessly reproducing forgetting that this is a finite planet. 

We cannot have infinite growth. So we, the human race is more like a giant virus that reproduces itself and grows and grows and consumes it's host. In this  case the host is the planet. And there is no planet B.

So essentially, we're fucked.  No one wants to admit that though. The brutal truth is too much to bear. A state of collective consciousness of complete denial is the only way we can survive.
And survive we must. To the bitter end.

So they, (the powers that be-- yes "they") entertain us with distractions, entertainments, gossip and news of celebrities, keeping us distracted so we don't panic while playing the charade of seeking solutions, deliberately with-holding the solutions to wars and conflict. Yes, deliberately.

Collateral damage is what they call it in military terms. We, the human race, have always, and will always, be subject to a certain percentage of collateral damage.

It goes with the territory. As a species, when most species get too large there is a natural disaster that occurs to help cull the herd. Nature operates that way. But sometimes nature isn't enough. Sometimes we have to "let" natural disputes escalate into wars in order to facilitate the culling. We could stop it but we don't.

There's something big one coming. Scientists say that if global warming continues we could lose 4.5 Billion people. Like Half the world's population. Is anyone hearing this? 

I probably won't be here to see it but I do fear for my kids and my grandchildren and for all the human race.

I am praying these days. Real hard.  But I am also not inclined to ignore reality.

The Brutal well, brutal.

Keep Praying, my friends, Pray, pray, pray like hell.


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