Friday, May 20, 2022

Hello Again

Still here? 

Amazing isn't it?
I mean that we haven't blown up the planet yet.

Shit! I give thanks every morning for waking up alive and marvelling there's another day ahead of me. A day I can choose pretty much how to live and that itself is fucking awesome. 

But for all the joy of sunshine and fresh wind in the trees, for all the comfort of fragrant Lilacs and pollen in the air, for all the clear blue skies I enjoy some days, I know in my heart of heart these are still very dark days. 

And yet, and still, we live in denial. It's almost as if we must. It's the only way to survive and so we cling to a shred of hope: maybe some Angels or UFO's will intervene and save us from ourselves. 

For we have surely destroyed this planet, this beautiful earth. And it is a sad thing indeed. 

But what if, just what if the possibility of technology, advanced green solutions, and a much more enlightened humanity could still save us? 

Yes, indeed how we cling to the hope that somehow in spite of all the apparent darkness a light will prevail.